Team in Kenya

Austine Otieno

I’m a Deaf teacher at Maseno School for the Deaf and point of contact of Kids of Maseno in Kenya. I’m holding a Diploma in special needs education. Besides my work at school I also coordinate several activities and projects of our federations (Kenya Federation of Deaf Teachers & Maseno Deaf Self Help Group) and write reports about them. Furthermore I am currently the chairman of the Kenya Federation of Deaf Teachers and the director of the Stobbeholze Nel Deaf and Deafblind children’s centre. In Maseno I am teaching the Deaf and Deafblind children. Please feel free to contact me: elizipem(at)

George Otieno

Besides teaching at Maseno School for the Deaf I am very active in sports, drama, as well as in the health club for the kids in school. I am a Deaf and during vacations I undertake a Bachelor’s degree in special education.

Beatrice Akoth

I am a Deaf teacher at Maseno School for the Deaf and the assistant treasurer of Maseno Deaf Self Help Group. I have been actively involved in the health education programmes and sport activities for the Deaf kids and as a Kenya Sign Language teacher in the associations.

Christine Adhiambo

I am a hearing and working as an interpreter. I am holding a certificate and furthermore I am responsible for the area of public relations. I have been involved in research and daily activities of school children. I’m also the executive secretary of Stobbeholze Nel, also co-founder of the children’s center. I am very interested in the field of the Deaf, also involved in behavior change education among the Deaf and hearing youths in matters related to HIV/AIDS through the organization of grass root foot ball games among the youth (Deaf and hearing).

Barack Odhiambo

I am a hearing teacher at Maseno School for the Deaf and currently I am doing a Bachelor’s degree in special education. I am a counsellor to the kids and also acting as an interpreter in many occasions.

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