The budget plan

A detailed budget plan was created.
(exchange rate 18/03/2011: 1 € = 120,4831 Ksh)

  • buildings: 2.890.721,9 Ksh (23.992,7611 €)
  • electricity: 378.190 Ksh (3.138,9468 €)
  • other (sanitary facilities, well, beds, mattrasses, blankets, sheets, mosquito nets, wardrobes, chairs, tables): 327.000 Ksh (2.714,0739 €)

The drawing shows the three houses on the project land. In total, there will be 8 rooms available. Three rooms for the children (depends on the number of children we accommodate in the beginning- maximum of 25–30 children) and the other rooms are meant for the supervisors, visitors and future interns. Later on there is the possibility to buy more land and expand the children’s home. Our collogues in Maseno are working with several official services accordingly to the rules. We are also trying to catch the attention of the people in the neighborhood to make them aware and to gain their support through public relation (like magazines, flyers etc).

August 2012:

For the completion of the first house, we still need:

1) Water installation: 205.525 KES (ca. 1.945 €)

2) Electricity: 117.162 KES (ca. 1.108 €)

3) Construction material: 304.100 KES (ca. 2.878 €)

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