2016 in retrospect


The project site

The main building hosts several dormitories for girls and boys, rooms for their caretakers as well as the office of Kids of Maseno Kenya. Ducks, dogs and chicken live on the project site, next to vegetable gardens, banana plants and mango trees.


A gardener volunteers on the project site. He is taking care of the vegetable gardens and trees.

Teaching and sponsorship

Deaf teachers work at the children’s centre. For a transitional phase, they teach in a provisional building. However, when the sun is shining, the temperature in the temporary structure rises quickly. That is why Kids of Maseno Kenya plans on transferring the classrooms into the newly built annex. All children taught here take part in the sponsorship programme of our association. At the moment, there are 17 sponsorships in total.

Construction site

The children’s centre continues to grow. The picture on the left shows an annex to the main building which is currently under construction. In the future, the annex will host several dormitories and classrooms.


The cook Jane Achieng Onyango prepares typical dishes of Kenya: Ugali, Chapati and Sukuma Wiki.


Currently, water is fetched from a fenced water hole. The construction of a well is planned for security reasons.

Guest house

There are rooms for interns and visitors right next to the project site. It is now possible to do an internship directly at the children’s centre.

Team visit

In October 2016, Nele Gabriel and Jeanine Wein of the Kids of Maseno team in Germany visited the project site. They discussed the project, the current situation and upcoming construction  projects with the team in Kenya. After a warm welcome and nice days together in Maseno and its surroundings, a mango tree was planted on the project site to say “thank you”.

Workshop in dressmaking

Jane und Sellah are doing an apprenticeship in
dressmaking at the children’s centre (here with their
instructor Rose Otieno). Their dream is to become
economically independent with their own tailor shop.

Workshop in carpentry

Not far from the children’s centre is an apprentice workshop for
carpentry. Most of the furniture of the children’s centre is produced

Appeal for funds for concrete projects

We need additional funds to secure the area around the water hole and to construct a real well (approx. 1000 €).
We would also like to support Sellah and Jane to fulfil their dream of opening a tailor shop, most importantly, they require their own sewing machine (approx. 200 €). Donations for the new project site, sponsoring memberships as well as sponsorships are also greatly welcome.
Donations account:
Kids of Maseno – Förderverein Kenia e.V. GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
IBAN: DE 31 430 609 67 6018 3478 00 | BIC: GENO DE M 1 GLS

Christmas greetings from Kenya

I, Austine Otieno, the coordinator of Kids of Maseno Kenya, have taken this golden opportunity on behalf of the board of management Kids of Maseno Kenya, to thank all of you , our friends and supporters, for making us go so far from the time we have started the partnership in order to meet our goals.
It is very clear that without your support we have received from all of you, we would not have seen the developments in helping our children.
Thank you for having a good heart to help them get education, food and a home, most of them feel being loved and they have gained hope in life. The year 2016 was very lucky to us as two of you visited the project and saw the activities we are undertaking. The kids were very happy as well as the members of our team. We all appreciated your visit a lot.
We are praying that you and your families have a long life, good health, wisdom, protection as well as peace.
We are looking forward to continue working with you in the year 2017. We wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.
Austine Otieno
“Kwaheri“ and all the best for the new year 2017!
Many greetings from Maseno