The children’s home

About the home

Kids of Maseno Deaf and Deafblind children’s home will be located in Western Kenya next to Kisumu along Kisumu-Busia road. The place is called Lela market,  half a kilometer from Maseno School for the Deaf. Local groups, associations and many other people are working together to find the best sustainable way to support the children. Some of the objectives of the home are listed below:

Land of the project

1. To educate and enlighten Deaf and Deafblind children on different issues about the society and environment.
2. To create a community based rehabilitation (CBR) centre.
3. To support awareness in the society to accept Deaf and Deafblind children as part of our society.
4. To establish a sign language and tactile sign centre in order to promote communication between Deaf, Deafblind and the hearing community.
5. To create awareness on rights of the Deaf and Deafblind children.

The orphanage will be a centre where children get the opportunity to reach their great potentials and to support them to lead a self-reliance and responsible life.

We want to improve and change the health and education system for a better future for our children.
Our children are orphans and children from a poor family background. They are seeking for care, education, health, food and a place they can call their home. They need to grow, learn their culture and reach a position where they are able to change the current situation for a better future.
The children/young adults are between 6 and 20 years old.

Future perspectives for the children/youths: After leaving the centre and primary school (primary school: duration  of 8 years) they can go to secondary school (duration of 4 years) or vocational training (duration of 2-3 years), while others are able to attend university.