2011 in retrospection

Our biggest project is surely the building of a children’s home near the school in Maseno, which is why we are happy to inform you that we started the construction of the first house last November. If everything goes as planned, the first 8 children will be able to move in during summer 2012 with two advisers. Especially for the deafblind children the children’s home means a huge alleviation, so they can live in a safe and homely place during their vacations where – in addition – they are looked after in an optimal way.

Often especially these children are moved from their home to children’s homes because the family cannot provide the capacities for children with certain needs. And often they’ve been cast out when they were still very young.

To create a wider appreciation and awareness for people with disabilities in the society it’s our aim to inform and teach fellow citizens, family members, friends, neighbours and everyone interested about deafness, sign language and deaf blindness.

Besides many smaller events, the sign language class is one of the biggest offers that we provide on a regular basis in a three months interval. The first class started in March 2011 with eight participants. Five of them take even part in the advanced class. Kids of Maseno e.V. pays the rent for these facilities and supports wherever help is needed, for example in providing materials for the classes. In the course of this month, the second round of the beginners’ class is going to start.

Another highlight in the course of last year was the charity walk, which was organised by our partner association in Kenya in July 2011. School children, family members, teachers, friends and the community members took part in the 10 kilometres walk from Maseno to Lela. The interest was huge and we hope to be able to organise a sportive event like this one in the course of this year to advert attention for our projects and aims in the publicity.

2011 was surely an exciting year for our three interns, who were supporting our facilities and teachers for three to six months each. At this point we really want to thank these three very much. They were supporting our work with their help, ideas and reports from Kenya very much!

And a little success story at the end of our review: two of the youths were enabled to start secondary school. Sellah and Joseph take eagerly part in the school classes and look forward to the next school year.

Besides the mentioned projects like the children’s home, the sign language lessons, the charity walk and the public relations we have many more aims for year 2012. That’s why we cannot lack a short forecast.

In 2012 we are going to have the first graduate, who was supported by a sponsor in his carpenter apprenticeship. Victor has high aims, after passing the final examination, he wants to open an own little shop. We are really excited how his story continues and wish him good luck for the last exams.

We intend to build the second house of the children’s home in 2012 and to extend our property for a few square metres. On this extend area we plan to build as well houses as a vegetable path, a small banana plantation and a compound for poultry. The agriculture would be excellent for the self-supply: it can give the pupils a responsible little task besides school and can also be a good source of earnings for the children’s home

Now this is our short review and forecast. Please contact us anytime when you have any questions or suggestions. We would be really glad if you can also tell friends about our work.

A good and happy new year!

Kids of Maseno e.V. wishes you a very good time!