How you can help

Sponsor a child

Both Deafness and Deafblindness require a learning and understanding environment. It is important that their education takes place in a school starting from nursery. Whoever has the possibility to sponsor a child should take this opportunity seriously. The rewards are greater than words can express. Your contribution will go towards paying their school fees.

More things:
-Welcome letter from the Kids of Maseno Center.
-History of the child.
-Annual school progress record of the child.
-Personal letter from/about the child.
-The opportunity to visit the child at the Kids of Maseno Cetner.
-To know that you are making a big difference in a child’s life.

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Support the Kids of Maseno children’s home project

Kids of Maseno has not yet a permanent donor to help working on projects like building houses for the center. We rely on well-wishers, friends, members who want to contribute to help building classrooms, dormitories, an electricity system, water accessions etc.

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