Sports event for the Deaf in Kisumu

Football Federation of the Deaf

Football Federation of the Deaf

Kisumu, 7th August of 2009. Kisumu is crowded with people in green Safaricom T-shirts. On the back it says : „Kenya Football Federation for the Deaf„. Hundreds of them are walking through the streets of the town from the Matatu stage to the two stadiums, holding a big banner. It’s a great atmosphere, full of laughter, and the spirit to have a wonderful weekend. Deaf people from all over Kenya came to Kisumu to be part of in this big sports event. This year the Nyanza Deaf Women Volleyball Team participates for the first time – it is also the first  time that women teams are part of it. Besides almost 10 men teams (playing football and volleyball), from places around Nairobi till Kisumu, three women teams (only volleyball) want to show how hard they have worked during the last months. The women teams are coming from Kisumu, Nakuru and Nairobi. The weather is great during the day so that the first day turns out as a fantastic start. The women finish their games the same day. Nairobi team on the first place, Kisumu second and Nakuru third. Our Kisumu team played great, good looking in their new uniforms.

Women Volleyball Team

Nyanza Deaf Women Volleyball Team

Hopefully the teams are able to participate in the next competitions in December and April as well.
But with this great spirit and motivation nothing is going to keep them away from more wonderful experiences and days during these events.
Thank you very much for those days. We are all looking forward to more of them. This was just the beginning. A very great one!

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