Our new trainee arrived safely in Maseno

MariaAt the beginning of October our new trainee, Maria Scherer, arrived in Maseno. She will complete her internship in Kenya in the next three months. She was cordially received by Austine Otieno. In the first few days, she will get to know Maseno, the people she will work with and she will be acquainted with the Kenyan sign language. Soon, her internship at the school will begin. For the first time, a trainee will be working at a nearby school- the Ebukuya School for the Deaf in Luanda. Before she left for Kenya, Maria sent us a message about her upcoming trip:

“This summer, I completed my bachelor degree in Prevention, Integration and Rehabilitation Research at Munich University. And next year, I will start a master degree program in the same subject. In order to supplement my studies with some practical experiences in teaching Deaf people, also outside Germany, I decided to do an internship in Kenya. I hope to gain insights in the Kenyan sign language and to exchange experiences on hearing impairment with local teachers and staff. I am looking forward to my time in Kenya and to all the experiences I am going to make there.”

We wish Maria all the best for the next weeks and we are looking forward to reading more from her about her experiences in Kenya.

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