Kids of Maseno turns five!

Kids of Maseno has turned five years old in May. Time for a celebration – and an article in the newsletter of ELAN, the network of development policies. The German version can be downloaded here and here comes the translation:

Five years “Kids of Maseno” – Together we have achieved a lot! 

In May 2015, “Kids of Maseno” turns five. We support deaf and deafblind children in Kenya, especially in Maseno, in their school education. Working closely with local groups, we foster on-site programs such as workshops for parents, ecucation about deafness and the construction of a children’s home. 

With the help of our sponsors, we finance the education of 17 children. One of these children is Victor Otieno, who has passed his carpenter exam. A huge success for him, which motivates and encourages us.

The construction of the children’s home advances. The first of three buildings is finished and ten kids have already moved in together with three advisers. In the meantime, school has started and the kids feel very much at home already. In 2015, the construction will continue. We will also work on embellishing the site by adding a playground for the kids.

We want to thank all our supportes, especially our sponsors, for making all this possible. 

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