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Our main project goal is to build one building for a children’s home for Deaf and Deafblind children in Maseno, Kenya.The place of the children’s home is located in Western Kenya next to Kisumu along Kisumu-Busia road. The area is called Lela market, half a kilometer from Maseno School for the Deaf. Local groups, associations and many other people are working together to find the best sustainable way to support the children. In total we are planning to build three houses, each of them includes eight rooms. Three rooms will accommodate the children, the other rooms are for care takers, visitors and future interns.

We, the association Kids of Maseno e.V. and partner organisations in Kenya, want to complete the construction of the first house of the children’s home. The construction of this house has started in November 2011. Everything was pretty much planned, but one sponsor let us down. Now we have not completed the work and we are not sure if the first children can move into the house this summer as planned. To finish the building we need to finish the roof, windows, and some other building material

In total there is still a need of:

Water installation: 2000 €

Electricity: 1200 €

Completion of the first house: 3000 €

Please also check out this website:

Thank you very much!

Current situation of the building, January 2012
Current situation of the building, January 2012

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