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News from Maseno

Some painting made by children

Some paintings made by children

This term ended successful on 27th July 2010 with various activities like athletics in which deaf as well as hearing kids participated.From 27thth July we realized a parent’s workshop. The participates were taught the following issues: to 30

-Chidren Rights, which is found in the Laws of Kenya (in relationship with the Human Rights)

– Sign language class: Parents and guidances who attended were taught sign language based on the commonly used verbs, nouns, using sign language to construct short sentences

– Roles of parents, guidances in children’s education

– Health related issues

On 8th August kids of our school also participated in the “national schools for the deaf music Competition” which took place in Kakamega. Our kids performed really well. Continue reading

Welcome to Kids of Maseno e.V.

Here you will find information about our association Kids of Maseno. Our goal is to support Deaf and Deafblind children in Kenya, especially in Maseno, a town situated in the western part of the country, in their school education.
Furthermore, we also participate and assist other projects like workshops for parents, awareness programs about Deafness and Sign Language, and the building of a new children’s home. Besides the presentation of recent programs you get to know more about your own possibilities to get involved in several activities, for example as an intern or as a donor. If you have any questions or remarks please use the contact paper sheet. But for now: Have fun on our website!