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Maseno Self Help Group

Maseno Deaf Self Help Group

Members of Maseno Self Help Group

MASENO DEAF SELF HELP GROUP  (MDSHG) was founded in March 10th 2005  and registered under the Ministry of Social Service within the law of Kenya. MDSHG is an non-profit organization operating within Maseno School for the Deaf. It has considered the need and necessity for a self-help group to cater for the welfare and the interest of the Deaf within Maseno, Luanda and part of Kisumu in Nyanza Province of Kenya. Continue reading

Kenya Federation of Deaf Teachers (KFDT)

Kids in Maseno

Some students of Maseno

The Kenya Federation of Deaf Teachers was founded in 2003 by a group of Deaf teachers in Kenya. It was registered in 2006 and has its head office in Kisumu City. It has 8 branches in each province of Kenya. Currently the Federation keeps over 100 Deaf members busy.
The Federation has different membership categories including ordinary association and honoring members.
The Federation focuses on the Deaf education to provide means for cooperation among its members and the expression of their collective views and decision affecting the interest of Deaf education, the teaching profession in Kenya and  sponsorships for projects (e.g. Sign Language workshops for parents of Deaf children, Sign Language awareness campaigns to the general public, Sign Language research, career guidance and health education to the Deaf, education in sports and among others). Continue reading

Nyaweri VCT

Nyaweri VCT office

Nyaweri VCT office

“VCT” in the context of HIV/AIDS  stands for Voluntary Counceling and Testing. Employes at Nyaweri office work as counselors and test people for AIDS. Nyaweri stands for three provinces in Kenya: NYANZA, WESTERN and RIFT VALLEY.

The office exists since 2004, founded by Dr. Peter Oracha Adoyo from Maseno University. The main office of Nyaweri is Liverpool VCT  Care and Treatment under which Nyaweri is working. Right now six people are running Nyaweri office, five are Deaf and one is hearing, who are all trained on counseling and testing. The main reason of the formation of this office is to help educate hearing impaired people on HIV/AIDS, so that they are able to make informed decisions and carry out testing. Deaf people have to face many challenges when it comes to HIV/AIDS.  Myths and prejudices exist about the Deaf and in combination with HIV/AIDS it is even harder for them to lead a normal life. Another big problem is the lack of information and awareness of HIV/AIDS especially for those who are living in the rural areas. Language barriers among the education level are a big challenge and it is really hard for them to acquire appropriate information about HIV/AIDS. Poor access to VCT services, Stigma and discrimination are three other challenges for a Deaf person. Continue reading